The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar through the Ministry of Health Zanzibar, has said that it will continue its efforts to strengthen the services of heart diseases in this country by bringing specialist doctors of these diseases from different countries including India inorder to be able to conduct examinations and provide treatment to patients with these diseases. The statement was made by the Minister of Health Zanzibar Nassor Ahmed Mazrui when he had a conversation with a member of GHC Hospitals from India at his office when they arrived to introduce themselves.
He said that heart diseases have been increasing day to day in this country, so the arrival of these doctors from India will help in the provision of heart disease services as well as examining them, and providing them with treatment in parallel with Zanzibar specialists to study in Indian hospitals to be able to provide service effectively.
He has informed that in order to achieve the delivery of these services, which will be carried out in great collaboration with GHC Hospitals and the Ministry of Health, they will sign a special partnership agreement that will involve coming to conduct examinations and providing services and provide more training in India for workers who deal with heart patients. Minister Mazrui has said that there are some children who are born whose heart does not beat well and others have holes and other problems, so the doctors will help to conduct a detailed study to see the source of the problem.
On his part, the Chairman and Director of GHC Hospitals, Dr. Zainalebedin Hamdulay, said that they will help Zanzibar in heart disease services by examining the patients and providing them with treatment and those who need more treatment will look on how to help. He informed that GHC Hospitals provide services in different countries and provide them with treatment including surgery and they decide to come Zanzibar with the intention of helping the citizens to be able to provide them with quality services.

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