Clinical Nutrition Center

Applying the concepts of food science and human nutrition to achieve and sustain human health is the science and art of nutrition. Clinical Nutrition is a broad field that calls on experts to apply their knowledge, imagination, and interpersonal skills to improve and preserve patients’ health.

The clinical nutrition department plays a crucial role in the healthcare system at GHC Hospitals. Our Dieticians and nutritionists are paramedical healthcare specialists who support obtaining and maintaining good health by applying their understanding of human nutrition, food science, and nutrition in general.

The department of Nutrition’s objectives is to provide nutrition assessments, counselling, and customised diet plans based on each person’s unique requirements, disease, symptoms, treatment, and comfort as well as to avoid, improve, and battle the prevalent disease. As vitamins, minerals, and other supplements are not always safe, the department will also advise a patient on prescription medications and dietary supplements to boost overall interactions, responsiveness, and efficacy of the drug and supplements with the body.

According to each patient’s specific illness circumstances and in cooperation with their treating physician, the department offers all in-patients normal, modified, and therapeutic diets. Thorough food history is obtained from the patients, and their biochemical markers are assessed along with their nutritional status. Critical patients get proper enteral feeding beginning treatment to prevent refeeding syndrome. In cases of food allergies or to avoid drug-food interactions, patients’ diets are modified. Individual diet advice is provided to each patient on a customised diet. The patient’s adherence to the diet is assessed, and adjustments are made as needed. A thorough diet chart is also given to every patient on a special diet at the time of discharge.

We Provide the highest Level of comprehensive care & services to our patients.

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